Energy Consumption for Bitcoin Mining Around the World

Bitcoin is perhaps the most valued currency in the world. The exchange rate as of Monday (27th Nov’17) stood at over USD 9,500 for one BTC. But, not many people are aware of mining bitcoin also costs a ridiculous amount of electricity to the world. The global electricity consumption used for bitcoin ‘mining’ has reached a level […]

What is Altcoin?

An altcoin is any digital cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin. The term is said to stand for “alternative to Bitcoin” and is used describe any cryptocurrency that is not a Bitcoin. Altcoins are created by diverging from Bitcoin consensus rules (the fundamental rules of the cryptocurrency’s network) or by developing a new cryptocurrency from scratch. BREAKING DOWN ‘Altcoin’ “Altcoin” […]

How to Market Product on Social Media : Effective Way

Learning how to market a product on social media which can help you grow your store’s sales quickly. When you begin to master how to sell a product on social media, you give your business a chance to succeed. You’ll need to experiment with different tactics to understand your target audience and market your product to them.

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Ways to Make Money With Social Media from Home

You probably spend a good deal of time on social media every day. You’re checking in with friends on Facebook, posting selfies on Instagram, watching instructional videos on YouTube. Since you already know your way around the top platforms, why not make some extra money online?       When it comes to in-demand services, social media […]

20 Legit Smartphone Apps That Pays

We’ve all got smartphones these days, and almost everything we do on them requires using apps. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could make extra money just for using them? Well, you can. You’re not going to get rich by downloading mobile apps, but you can use these to earn a little extra money every […]

21 Legit Ways to Make Money Online from Home

Technology’s ever-pervading permeation into every last fiber and morsel of society has caused a dramatic upheaval in the way we live, work and entertain ourselves. Thanks to the disruptive nature of the internet, the rate of change has only increased exponentially in recent years. Many people are still left perplexed by how they can utilize […]

The 10 Most Effective ways to Search in Google

In the era of advanced technology and high-speed Internet connections, you can find information on virtually anything. In the space of just a few minutes, we can find nearest Fine Dining or learn all about the evolution of Human Being. But more often than not, we get lost in vast body of knowledge to get the information we need, and this can take hours rather than […]